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BARC 2018 Full Exam Analysis – Electronics and Communication


BARC 2018 ECE Exam Analysis

BARC ECE 2018 Day-1 Highlights

  • The BARC 2018 Day 1 Exam was in the morning session from 10 AM to 12 PM.
  • The paper level was little difficult or lengthy and more questions was asked from instrumentation and microprocessors which was unexpected.
  • Not a single question was asked from Engineering Mathematics and Microwave Engineering.
  • The Questions from Network and control were easy.
  • EMFT, digital signal and microprocessor questions were easy.
  • The Questions from EDC and analog were little bit lengthy.
  • Around 4-5 previous year question were asked from GATE or ESE.
  • The Level of Questions from subjects Computer programming, Computer Organisation, Instrumentation and Analog were similar to GATE.
Subject Topics Number of Questions
Analog Circuits op amp, Positive and negative feedback circuits, bi-stable multivibrator 5-6
Digital Circuits & Microprocessor combinational circuit, sequential circuits, duty cycle, instructions and memory addressing 7-9
Signals and Systems nyquist rate, z transform, sampling theorem 2-3
Communication entropy, AM, FM, sideband power 4-5
Electronic devices and circuits semiconductor theory, BJT, MOSFET, CMOS gate implementation 6-7
Measurement and Instrumentation error due to loading effect, voltage sensitivity and voltmeter, ac bridge 8-10
Engineering Maths
Electromagnetics antenna, transmission lines, maxwells equation, plane waves and optical communication  
Microwave Engineering
Networks transients and circuit theorems 6-7
Control Systems block diagram, transfer functions, stability using k value 6-7
Computer Engineering Basic c program like hexadecimal addition, OSI model, network layers, router 5-6

Note: Total Number of Questions given in the table may differ from actual paper. 

BARC ECE 2018 Day-2 Highlights

  • The level of Questions was mixed. BARC 2018 ECE Day 2 paper had easy, theoretical and lengthy question from each subjects of about equal amount.
  • The previous year 1 mark questions was asked from GATE.
  • There were two questions from Engineering Mathematics from pdf & bays theorem.
  • The paper was summarized as 25-30 questions were theoretical, rest 40 questions were numerical and last 30 questions were tricky which required sufficient time.
  • There were many questions from measurement.
Subject Topics Number of Questions
Analog Circuits 8-9
Digital Circuits & Microprocessor 9-11
Signals and Systems 8-9
Communication 9-10
Electronic devices and circuits drift current 8-9
Measurement and Instrumentation Bridges and thermistor 9-10
Engineering Maths probability and bay’s theorem 1-2
Electromagnetics radar equation, power, distance ratio, waveguides 5-7
Microwave Engineering
Networks 2-3
Control Systems 8-9
Computer Engineering output of a programs, O/P based on loop, simply addition and subtraction programs 9-10

Note: Total Number of Questions given in the table may differ from actual paper.

BARC ECE 2018 Day-3 Highlights

  • The paper level was moderate but some questions were lengthy to solve.
  • There were many questions from microprocessors and instrumentation.
  • The Questions from Data communication is also asked.
  • No question was asked from Engineering Mathematics.
Subject Topics Number of Questions
Analog Circuits Current mirror, calculation of Vce, diode circuits, op-amp numerical, CMRR, an effect of Re on gains 7-8
Digital Circuits & Microprocessor learning Acc instructions, RAL instruction 9-10
Signals and Systems Auto-correlation, stability,Parseval 3-4
Communication Carrier power, psd, pdf, mean value, sampling rate, sampling frequency 5-7
Electronic devices and circuits Direction of current in diode, conductivity ratio, early effect , hall voltage 5-7
Measurement and Instrumentation Value of R related to full scale reading, Maxwell bridge , integrator 9-11
Engineering Maths
Electromagnetics stokes theorem, transmission lines, electric field in capacitor 7-8
Microwave Engineering
Control Systems Ess value for given i/p, SFG question , PID question, final value theorem 5-7
Computer Engineering loop program output , Programming Counter function 2-5

Note: Total Number of Questions given in the table may differ from actual paper.

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