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GATE 2018 : CCMT – Frequently Asked Question

After GATE exam students who want to peruse higher studies have some common confusions related to CCMT process. Today we TOPPERFORUM.COM is sharing some topper guidance article regarding CCMT Process.
CCMT is a process by which students may take admission in NITs and central c=funded university to pursue  M.Tech. / M.Arch./ M.Plan.
CCMT is a two-month long procedure comprising of different rounds of counselling and document verification process. Going through the complete process at a glance and understanding the working model of CCMT, there may be few doubts which usually arise in mind of the candidates esp. freshers or candidates applying for the first time in CCMT.
Admission Process:
Question: How to give the preferences?
  • All eligible choices are present in the “Choices Available” Section
  • You can select the preferred choices from Choices Filling & Locking Section
  • After selection AVAILABLE CHOICES, you can see them under FILLED CHOICES
  • For locking the filled choices, go to “Lock Choice” section and submit it.
Question: Can I change the preference order after locking?
  • After locking the choices, you can not change them.
  • If you do not lock them, it will lock automatically after the last date with filled
Question: What is Sliding/Floating/Freezing?
  • Sliding – Giving preference to a higher order of choices(programs) in the same institute where the seat is allotted currently.
  • Floating – Giving preference to a higher order of choices across the institutes.
  • Freezing – Allotted seat is confirmed and complete the admission process
Question: What if the seat is not allotted in Round 1?
  • Wait for the next round allotment
  • You are not required to report RC (reporting centre)
Question: What if the seat is allotted in Round1?
  • Case 1: You may confirm the seat and choose the willingness as freezing. You are required to wait until all three rounds completion to finalize your admission.
  • Case 2: If you are interested in waiting for next rounds for better choices, you have to confirm the seat by paying ₹ 20000 and choose floating or sliding
  • Note: Any case you have to accept the seat if you want to wait for the better choices in next round.
  • What If I don’t report to RC after the allotment the of the seat?
    • You are not allowed for further rounds. But you may register for NSR.
Question: How to finalize/confirm my allotted seat?
  • Pay the Seat acceptance fee ₹ 20000, if you have not paid in the previous rounds.
  • Choose your willingness as freezing by reporting to RC with document verification
  • Wait until the first three rounds complete. Then pay the seat confirmation fee and download the provision letter from CCMT. Visit the allotted institute for remaining admission procedure as per given dates.
Question: What If the seat is accepted in the previous round and allotted new seat in next round?
  • If you want to confirm the seat, report to RC and choose the willingness as freezing pay the confirmation fee after three rounds allotment over.
  • Download the provision letter then visit the allotted institute for completing the remaining admission procedure.
  • If you allotted new seat in Round 2 and interested in waiting for Round3, then you can choose either floating or sliding option. If willingness option is same as the previous round, then no need to visit RC.
  • If you allotted new seat in Round3 and interested for sliding, then you can choose willingness as sliding otherwise choose freezing for confirmation. For both choices, you have to confirm the seat
    by paying the confirmation fee. Internal sliding will happen after the payment of seat confirmations.
Question: What If the seat is not allotted in previous Round but allotted in Next Round?
  • If you allotted the seat first time in any Round, you must report to RC for document verification and choose willingness for floating/sliding/freezing.

Question: What If the seat is not allotted in first three rounds?
  • If the seat is not allotted in first 3 Rounds, you may register for NSR if any vacancies are available. Otherwise, quit from CCMT.
Question: What is internal sliding?
  • After first 3 Rounds, internal sliding is to allow interested candidates to choose the higher preferred choice within the same allotted institute.
  • After Round3, all sliding candidates can be considered for internal sliding.
Question: Can I apply for NSR If admission is confirmed at allotted institute in first 3 Rounds?
  • Not eligible if you have already confirmed your seat by paying all fees and visited allotted institute for final admission.
Question: Who are eligible to register for NSR?
  • All eligible candidates who have taken a withdrawal or not reported to any RC in earlier rounds for document verification or allotted institute for final admission.
  • Candidates whose allotted seat is canceled in earlier rounds due to non-fulfillments of any criteria but still, fulfill eligibility requirement for admission.
  • All eligible candidates who did not register for earlier three rounds (fresh candidates for NSR).
Question:What are different fees to be paid?
  • Registration fee (₹ 2200 for OC/OBC, ₹ 1700 for SC/ST/PwD)
  • Seat Acceptance fee: ₹ 20000
  • Seat Confirmation fee: ₹ 10000 through SBI payments (16 –22nd June)
  • Deposit the balance fee at allotted institute (26-29th June)
  • NSR fee: ₹ 42,200 (OC/OB), and ₹ 11,700 (SC/ST/PWD)(Begins from 4th July)
Question: What are the cases of fee refund?
  • Paid fee (All other fees except Registration Fee) will be refunded after deduction of   1,000 by the CCMT Head Quarter in the following cases:
    • Seat Acceptance fee paid, but not reported at the RC as per CCMT schedule.
    • Seat Acceptance fee paid, reported at the RC; but withdrawn/canceled the seat at RC
    • Seat Acceptance and the Seat Confirmation fees paid, but physically not reported at the allotted institute(after 3 rd round and internal sliding) as per the CCMT schedule.
    • Registered for NSR, but not reported at the RC for document verification (before NSR seat allotment) as per the CCMT schedule.
    • Registered for NSR, reported at the RC for document verification, but the seat is not allotted.
    • NSR Participation fee will be refunded by the CCMT Head Quarter if the seat is not allotted. However, there is no refund for the candidates who are allotted a seat.
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