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GATE Aspirants Tips By B Singh Sir (Founder Made Easy Coaching)


Experience & Tips by  “B.Singh Sir(CMD MADE EASY Group )” for GATE aspirants.

Dear GATE aspirants
Year by year ,the importance of the GATE exam is increasing & the GATE score has become a benchmark for starting the career for an engineer . GATE ,not only opens the window for higher studies but also for public sector jobs and research. In coming years its importance may further increase ,because it may be declared as mandatory exit exam for all engineers ( recently recommended by AICTE as published in an article in The Hindustan times ) . The growing competition in GATE due to its importance ,starts building mental pressure on the GATE aspirants . In last few days one should study meticulously and strategically to over power the the mental stress . The GATE score and all India rank in it , largely depend upon the study management and examination management both .
Here are some of the my findings which might help candidates in their last moment of preparation and during facing the GATE exam so as to make the exam more productive & efficient .

1. Don’t allow to develop the mental pressure 

For this you should not compare yourself with those aspirants who have been better performers than you (especially in last moments of exam period )rather at this moment compare yourself with inferior candidates . It will help you in gaining confidence as you can feel that you are better than many others.

2. Keep talking and discussing with your friends and parents , be like flowing water of a river which is self purifying and not like stagnant water of a pond , it will help in releasing your mental stress and doubts.

3. Think about the worst situation ,at the most what can happen with you ,if you don’t get selected ? If you can digest and are ready to cope up with this situation ,then what so ever will happen (actually) will be always a gain for you . You always have several more options along with option of next attempt , so don’t take it as last attempt & consider that your success might be little postponed .

4. Don’t study new subjects in last moments rather focus on revising the subjects already covered. Reading new books or too many books in last moment may not be productive . Believe on you and your own notes already prepared . Devote more time in revision and practicing new questions. Last moment practice will help you in gaining speed , accuracy and confidence.

5. Do not underestimate yourself , believe that you can do it , you never know if few ares of your interest &strengths are asked in the paper & if you do not make mistakes in the exam ,then you may do wonders & you may perform beyond your imaginations.

6. You should appear in few mock tests , but write the tests in examination environment so that you can find your weaknesses , make note of these & should improve & do not repeat in GATE exam .

7 . Assimilate yourself with actual GATE exam pedagogy & Practice enough for the use of virtual calculator and be used to and friendly with the online mode of GATE exam .

8. Revise notes especially focus on formulae and important concepts in your hand written notes as you need to be accurate and confident in these areas.

9. . Take a good sleep of at least 6 hrs in the night just before the GATE exam , you should develop habit of sleeping in the night as it may be difficult to change the schedule in last moment .

10. .on the date of exam start little early from your home and reach the examination centre on or before time . First attempt the questions from the area where you feel most confident and do not waste time in complex and lengthy questions , it is better to attempt such questions in the later phase of exam.

11. . Take precaution in the calculation while using virtual calculator .Easy calculations can be done manually on a rough paper which is provided in the examination hall & it is better to solve & calculate on the paper rather making internal calculation in the mind , through this approach you can certainly avoid silly mistakes.

12. Do not make wild guess in answering ,as there is negative marking in MCQs . Accuracy is at most needed in MCOs and NDT. In Numerical Data questions take care of dimensions and units , read such questions very care fully and submit the answer in desired format. Though there is no negative marking in Numerical Data questions but one has to be very accurate as there is pre defined range within which correct answers are evaluated .

13. Few questions of GATE exam may be solved just through analytical and logical approach ,there fore apply logical thinking (wherever needed ), check for units and dimensions and think about possible /practical range of answer /value.

14. Keep eye on your watch , time management is very important & maintain appropriate speed right from starting . You should not leave any question un attempted /unread .

15. When you are fully confident & have concluded ,then only submit your answer / response . Ensure that your response is saved & submitted . You should also read the instructions given in your admit card & question paper (both )carefully . Avoid to carry the mobile phone in the GATE exam , as it may not be permitted to carry the mobile in examination hall.

Best Wishes to all GATE Aspirants

B.Singh (Ex IES)

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