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Interesting mechanism


Have a rough idea about interesting things insists us to go deep into the topic. This artical is about one of the most fascinating mechanism of all mechanism in an engine : DIFFERENTIAL

Note:-In this topic i will present a rough idea of differential and create a feeling of interest.

Diffrential – is an entity in an engine that allows a four wheeler vehicle to smoothly turn in a curve. The differential also help to change the direction of power as engine gives rotational power to propeller shaft in a direction along moving direction. Since the rotation must pass to wheels that rotate in perpendicular direction.

There are set of different bevel gears whose combined effect gives different speed to inner and outer wheel in a turn.

lets understand why do we need different speed in inner and outer wheel:-

While taking a turn,inner wheel require less distance and outer wheel require more distance to complete the turn so it’s necessary to have a little difference in speed of both.

Now let’s go into another advantage of differential. As we know , the engine is the heart of the vehicle and it produce power which need to be sent to wheel in order to move this vehicle. But the problem is how to get the power that is produced by engine to wheels.

Power production in engine is passed to crankshaft in the form of rotation. This rotation takes place along the direction of vehicle motion but wheels rotate in perpendicular direction.

One solution is we can directly attach the engine to the wheels but it’s not possible because engine is placed at the front of the vehicle. So now here comes the differential again to solve this problem.

Diffrential with the help of different gears (bevel gears) change the direction of rotation so that it can rotate wheel.

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